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As proposed by the state education department, the age at the time of admission should ordinarily be:

Class Age(completed on or before May 1st ) Class Age
Play Group 2 Years Class IV 8.6 Years
Pre KG 2.6 Years Class V 9.6 Years
Jr. KG 3.6 Years Class VI 10.6 Years
Sr. KG 4.6 Years Class VII 11.6 Years
Class I 5.6 Years Class VIII 12.6 Years
Class II 6.6 Years Class IX 13.6 Years
Class III 7.6 Years Class X 14.6 Years

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Director - Admissions,
KSR Hi - Tech CBSE School,
KSR Nagar,Periyar Nagar Bye Pass Road,
Tamil Nadu,India,
Phone:04143-238030. Mobile: 9363351555, 9655088505.


KSR Nagar,
Periyar Nagar Bye pass Road,
Virddhacalam-606 001.
Tamil Nadu,India.

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